About Us

Membership in the Lawyers International Network for Executives and Employees is by invitation only.

To be eligible for consideration, a firm must have a substantial practice representing individual executives and other employees, with considerable experience representing such persons in multinational employment contexts. LINEE does not require that its member firms forebear from ever representing employers - though both founding firms do focus on representing employees rather than employers. One of the factors to be considered in selecting a firm for membership is the extent of the firm's practice representing employees as compared to representing employers.

To be considered for membership, the firm must have an excellent reputation with respect to representing executives and employees in a skillful, expert, and ethical manner. And a member firm must be ready, willing, and able to collaborate with other LINEE members - and perhaps other law firms - around the world in order to provide the best possible service to clients.

LINEE membership is limited to one law firm per country at this time. This policy might be revisited in due course.

Any firm interested in being considered for membership should contact Paul Daniels of Slater & Gordon (U.K.), PDaniels@slatergordon.co.uk, and/or Wayne Outten of Outten & Golden (U.S.), wno@outtengolden.com.