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Hong Kong Tanner De Witt Solicitors Tanner De Witt Solicitors

Bennett, Russell

Boreham, Kim

United Kingdom Slater & Gordon UK Slater & Gordon UK

Cooper, Edward

Daniels, Paul

Dawson, Claire

Harfield, Rachel

Howard, Clive

Marshall, John

Morris, Julie

Price, Martin

Australia Slater & Gordon Australia Slater & Gordon Australia

Borgeest, Toby

Clayton, Marcus

Brazil Porto Advogados Porto Advogados

da Silva Freire, Gisela

United States Outten & Golden Outten & Golden

Outten, Wayne

Lazar, Wendi

Blostein, Katherine

France Idrac & Associés Idrac & Associés

Idrac, Come

Malapert, Celine

Ireland Hayes Solicitors Hayes Solicitors

O’Driscoll, Davnet

Canada Goldblatt Partners LLP Goldblatt Partners LLP

McDonald, James K.

Iny, Daniel

Mexico Bufete de Buen, S.C. Bufete de Buen, S.C.

De Buen Unna, Carlos

Italy AL Assistenza Legale AL Assistenza Legale

Cominotto, Cristiano

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